VEEEM Pittsburgh

Is a faith-based, nonpartisan community organization dedicated to increasing voter turnout in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Voter Empowerment Education & Enrichment Movement

“For our democracy to work for all of us, every eligible voter must have their voice heard and their vote counted. ⁣⁣The people are the backbone of our democracy. We stand with them.”- Maryn Formley, Founder and CEO #veeempittsburgh

Do your part and sign up to be a poll worker for the next election!

Contact us and we’ll help you through the steps! Call 412 465 0551 or [email protected]!

Volunteers Needed

Are you interested in volunteering for the #VEEEMTeam?Contact us today! Call 412-465-0551 or [email protected]!

Are you registered to vote?

We’re always looking to help those who want to exercise their right to vote get registered to do so. Remember, ALL ELECTIONS MATTER!
If you would like to register to vote, email us at [email protected]!

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